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Here at Aveda, we know the foundation for beautiful hair is a healthy scalp – from helping to balance sebum levels to preserving the scalp’s natural protective barrier, there’s lots of different things we can do to help ourselves.


That’s why we offer a free Hair & Scalp Check in store. We’ll give you a professional analysis to advise you on a personalised routine that will make all the difference to your hair.


To book, click below, select your store and choose "Hair and Scalp Check"! After a cup of our Comforting Tea we’ll carry out these simple steps…




Step 1. Consultation

One of our haircare experts will walk you through a personalised consultation and ask you some simple questions to understand your current hair care routine and any concerns you have, keeping track of your results throughout.

Step 2. Porosity & elasticity test

We’ll analyse your hair by doing two quick, simple tests. The first is a porosity test to see how well your hair holds moisture. The second is looking at elasticity, which tells us if your hair is damaged.

Step 3. Scalp Analysis

We’ll then use our scalp camera (which magnifies the scalp by 600%!) to look at three things: overall scalp health, hair density, and pores. This gives us an in-depth view of your hair and scalp health and provides an analysis of the results, which will show any scalp imbalance.

Step 4. Stress-relieving head & shoulder massage

After this, we’ll ask you to relax for a stress-relieving head & shoulder massage; where you’ll get to choose your favourite aroma as part of the experience. This also gives us a chance to get closer to your scalp before we move on to any recommendations.

Step 5. Personalised Advice

After analysing all results, we’ll recommend products to suit your hair and scalp needs; providing demonstrations on anything you’re unsure about.



Watch our video to discover more about
the Hair & Scalp check process



To book, click below, select your store and choose "Hair and Scalp Check"!